Cross-comparison of the Performance of Sequential Summed Area Table and Box Filter Algorithms with respect to C/C++ Compilers
Ali Ozturk, Ibrahim Cayiroglu
⚠ This is a preprint. It may change before it is accepted for publication.


Summed area table algorithm has been used to accelerate some computer vision and signal processing algorithms. In this study, the performance of the sequential summed area table algorithms and box filter algorithm with and without summed area table algorithm is examined by taking account of effect of C/C++ compilers. Three variants of sequential summed area table algorithm are included into the study. Loop invariant code motion and loop unrolling optimization techniques are applied to one of them. The performance of GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and Intel C/C++ Compiler (ICC) on both Windows and Ubuntu and Visual C++ (CL) compiler on Windows by using the summed area table and box filter algorithms are compared. Result of the study reveals that Intel C/C++ Compiler (ICC) perform best on Ubuntu with respect to others for sequential summed area table and box filter algorithm. The performance of summed area table calculation which utilizes Viola-Jones Equation by using a scalar accumulator outperforms other summed area table algorithms.