IPOL : Image Processing on Line

Nicolas Limare, Jean-Michel Morel & the Image Team - CMLA, ENS Cachan


IPOL : Image Processing on Line

A new way to publish?
A new way to organize research in a lab?

Nicolas Limare, Jean-Michel Morel
& the Image Team
CMLA, ENS Cachan


main goal

Achieve "reproducible research" and therefore:

main goal

"Reproducible research" also requires exhaustive documentation:

for image processing research

What for?

This is particularly adapted to image processing!

why web?

We need interaction and accessibility (technical and human).
-> web interface : HTTP/HTML/browser

Imperfect rendering (images, math, movies) but good compromise. With workarounds. And it's improving.

Only basic interactive controls.
Plug-ins are not reliable (Flash <87%, Java <65%).
JavaScript for optional enhancements (~95% support).

means of the project

  1. on line server(s) (commercial off-the-shelf)
  2. execution in real/interactive time (<20 seconds)
    (easy) parallel computing (multi core)
    longer : submission interface
  3. research team on on line web tools
    the interface matters
  4. reorganization of the work flow in a team

work flow in a research team

  1. math theory and first algorithm
  2. elimination of parameters, private tests
  3. internal web version tested on line by the whole team, feedback on code and theory
  4. list of examples and counterexamples established
  5. writing of the web site, green light to on line demo
  6. submission of paper , clear ideas on future work
  7. back to 1.

four functions for a demo server

  1. internal lab workshops, testing in group (private)
    easy building blocks for assembling a complex chain
    (video processing stereo…)
  2. on line service to contractors
  3. on line publication (even for "well known" algorithms)
  4. teaching

a fourfold publication

The main page of each algorithm links to

on line demo

building a demo requires

basic on line edition tools are available

current state of the site : public

main access (web pages and demos) -> http://ipol.im/

current state of the site : internal

usage statistics


2009 (January…September)

ASIFT : interface

ASIFT: affine invariant image comparison

ASIFT : description page

The website of each algorithms shows and explains the failure cases.

For instance for SIFT and ASIFT, failure comparing objects with night and day illumination.

ASIFT : archive

The on line demo gives also access to the on line archive.
More than 1800 different images.

By a simple click a closer view of each experiment is available.


Line segment detector (LSD), no parameter.

More than 1000 images in the archive


Micro-texture generation


Color constancy


Make a substantial database of algorithms.
New ones. But many classic ones too.

Pass from atoms to molecules :


Official publication?



http:// ipol. image processing on line