An Algorithm for Gaussian Texture Inpainting
Bruno Galerne, Arthur Leclaire
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Bruno Galerne, and Arthur Leclaire, An Algorithm for Gaussian Texture Inpainting, Image Processing On Line, 7 (2017), pp. 262–277.

Communicated by José Lezama
Demo edited by Arthur Leclaire

This IPOL article is related to a companion publication in the SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences:
B. Galerne, A. Leclaire, “Texture Inpainting Using Efficient Gaus- sian Conditional Simulation”, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 10(3):1446-1474, 2017.


Inpainting consists in computing a plausible completion of missing parts of an image given the available content. In the case of images composed of a homogeneous microtexture, inpainting can be addressed by relying on Gaussian conditional simulation. In this paper we describe an algorithm which allows to perform inpainting by Gaussian conditional simulation, in a scalable way. We provide a detailed numerical study of this algorithm.


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