Numerical Simulation of Landscape Evolution Models
Marc Lebrun, Jean-Michel Morel, Miguel Colom, Jérôme Darbon
⚠ This is a preprint. It may change before it is accepted for publication.


This paper gives the complete numerical schemes implementing the main physical laws pro- posed in landscape evolution (LEMs). These laws can be modeled by a system of three partial differential equations governing water run-off, stream incision, hill slope evolution and sedimentation. The goal of the presented algorithm, code and online facility is to be able to test these equations on digital elevation models (DEMs) of any resolution, and to illustrate its potential to simulate the fine structure of the river network, and to understand the landscape morphology and its causes. The equations simulate plausible evolutions. We illustrate experiments on DEMs of several sites, including one site, La Réunion where the DEM is given at three different resolutions: the SRTM resolution (90m), and then 12m and 4m on DEMs derived from several Pléiades pairs. Other many DEM’s are proposed in the online demo, which allows to upload and tests other DEMs.