Workshop on Reproducible Research in Signal, Image and Geometric Processing

The IPOL group organizes a workshop from July 22 to 27, 2013, at Fondation des Treilles, on Reproducible Research in Signal, Image and Geometric Processing.


The meeting will gather representatives of groups leading various initiatives toward reproducible research in those fields, by fostering online execution of research code, peer review evaluation of algorithms and code, and experimental data sharing.

Among these initiatives,

These recent initiatives have permitted to gain insights and expertise into the technical challenges and possibilities of online reproducible research. Building on these experiences and contrasting their advantages and drawbacks, the goal of the workshop is to solve the various editorial, scientific and technical problems that arise from this new kind of publication.

The workshop should establish strong personal and institutional links, and advance on the technical issues: software, libraries, online execution, journal strategy, journal formatting, relation to community, institutional support, perennity. In particular subgroups will have to debate and report to the others on the following questions:


Preliminary planning, as of 2013-07-12: 20130722 program.pdf.



Registration for the workshop is closed.

Location and Transportation

The workshop itself will be held from July 23 to 26, at Les Treilles, (100km from Nice, France, map). Participants must arrive on July 22 (monday) and leave on July 27 (saturday).

Transfer from the workshop location is organized by the foundation and will be available from the Nice Airport (map) (30min) and from the "Les Arcs - Draguignan" train station (map) (30min). Workshop participants should arrive at the airport or train station on Monday 22 afternoon (morning transfer is also possible at the airport, but only for people coming from out of Europe) and should plan their departure on Saturday 27.

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