Submission Procedure

Articles are submitted to IPOL via the IPOL journal management system. Anyone is free to register on this system and submit an article. Submission and publication are free of charge. All communication between authors, editor and referees is handled by e-mail via this online system. The procedure is detailed in the IPOL author manual.

Submissions to IPOL require a manuscript and software, following the IPOL manuscript guidelines and IPOL software guidelines. An editor can be assigned to help for the online demo to be based on the submitted software. Manuscript, software and demo are publicly disclosed in IPOL as a preprint.

A quick evaluation is made by an editor, to decide on the scientific and practical relevance of the algorithm and the feasibility of the online demo. This evaluation may be performed on the manuscript only, to be completed later with software and demo. In case of positive answer, the submission is carried to peer review.

This material is evaluated by referees, who shall guarantee by intelligent testing and careful examination that the submitted code coincides with its algorithm description, and that the experimental results and failure case analysis proposed by the authors are faithful and comprehensive.

Once the reviewers and editors are satisfied and the publication has been accepted, the article enters the copyediting steps, and end up published in its final form. Per the IPOL copyright and license agreement, the articles are available online free of charge and the the authors retain the copyright of their work, which is distributed by IPOL under a free license (CC-BY-NC-CA, GPL/BSD, CC-BY).

Outline of the Submission Procedure

For every new article:

A member of the editorial board will be assigned to prepare a web demo.


{->} IPOL Author Manual
{->} IPOL Manuscript Guidelines
{->} IPOL Software Guidelines
{->} IPOL Copyright and License Agreement

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