SIAM IS12 Workshop: Publishing Reproducible Science and Software

The "Publishing Reproducible Science and Software" workshop is organized during the 2012 SIAM Conference on Imaging Science in Philadelphia.

Reproducibility, the ability of an experiment or study to be independently and accurately reproduced or replicated, is gaining momentum as a desirable principle of the scientific method for computational sciences.

In order to become more common, this methodology needs so be implanted at the publication level with new contents, tools, criteria and journals. Software and data must become first-class scholarship, together with the traditional article content.

The symposium gathers four speakers with an experience in publishing reproducible research and building and managing systems for publishing reproducible research. They will present their experience and the recent developments, current issues and future perspectives of their respective projects.

Participants are

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{->} Image Processing On Line
{->} Open Research Computation
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