IPOL at the So Data! Conference on Open Science Data

Rafael Grompone was at the So Data! conference in Saint-Mandé (Paris) on March 14th for a presentation of IPOL as an Open Science journal.

So Data! is "a conference focused on the evolution of scientific practices impulsed by open science data, a requirement for scientific reproducibility generating new research dynamics."

IPOL: a Research Journal Focused on Algorithms and Software

Algorithms, software and data are now essential to many research disciplines. The scientific tradition, however, keeps handling software as an optional supplement to papers, rarely provided and seldom verified. IPOL is an open access journal created to address this situation, aiming at Reproducible Research in the fields of computer vision and image processing. IPOL encourages the publication of detailed algorithms and software by rewarding the researchers with peer reviewed publications. A source code is provided by the authors for every algorithm; it is reviewed and becomes part of the publication. Additionally, a web interface allows anonymous users to test the algorithms online. This presentation will introduce IPOL, discussing its main aspects and showing some examples.

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