Joint TV-L1 Optical Flow and Occlusion Estimation
Juan Francisco Garamendi Bragado, Coloma Ballester, Lluís Garrido, Vanel Lazcano, Vicent Caselles
⚠ This is a preprint. It may change before it is accepted for publication.


This document describes an implementation of the energy functional minimization proposed by Ballester, Garrido, Lazcano and Caselles for joint optical flow and occlusion estimation. The method is based on the TV-L1 approach introduced Zach, Pock and Bischof in 2007 but with the particularity of detecting occlusions. The energy functional is composed by a regularization term (over the optical flow and the occlusion fields) using the total variation, a data term using the L1 norm, and a term, which is based on the divergence of the flow, for dealing with the occlusions.