SIIMS Companion Papers Series
A Contrario Detection of Faces with a Short Cascade of Classifiers
2019-10-01 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Silvia Ramis
Local Region Expansion: a Method for Analyzing and Refining Image Matches
2017-12-23 · Erez Farhan, Elad Meir, Rami Hagege
Multi-Scale DCT Denoising
2017-10-29 · Nicola Pierazzo, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo
An Algorithm for Gaussian Texture Inpainting
2017-10-09 · Bruno Galerne, Arthur Leclaire
Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
2017-01-14 · Gábor Fodor, Bruno Cornelis, Rujie Yin, Ann Dooms, Ingrid Daubechies
An Iterative Optimization Algorithm for Lens Distortion Correction Using Two-Parameter Models
2016-12-18 · Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Luis Gómez, Miguel Alemán-Flores, Agustín Salgado, Julio Esclarín, Luis Mazorra, Luis Álvarez
PARIGI: a Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images
2016-06-29 · Julie Delon, Agnès Desolneux, Thierry Guillemot
On the Implementation of Collaborative TV Regularization: Application to Cartoon+Texture Decomposition
2016-04-20 · Joan Duran, Michael Moeller, Catalina Sbert, Daniel Cremers
The Flutter Shutter Code Calculator
2015-08-19 · Yohann Tendero
Obtaining High Quality Photographs of Paintings by Image Fusion
2015-06-27 · Antoni Buades, Gloria Haro, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis
Implementation of Nonlocal Pansharpening Image Fusion
2014-02-28 · Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll, Joan Duran, Catalina Sbert
Recovering the Subpixel PSF from Two Photographs at Different Distances
2013-10-23 · Mauricio Delbracio, Andrés Almansa, Pablo Musé
Implementation of the "Non-Local Bayes" (NL-Bayes) Image Denoising Algorithm
2013-06-17 · Marc Lebrun, Antoni Buades, Jean-Michel Morel