The Flutter Shutter Camera Simulator
Yohann Tendero
Yohann Tendero, The Flutter Shutter Camera Simulator, Image Processing On Line, 2 (2012), pp. 225–242.

Communicated by Jérôme Gilles
Demo edited by Yohann Tendero


The proposed method simulates an embedded flutter shutter camera implemented either analogically or numerically, and computes its performance. The goal of the flutter shutter is to make motion blur invertible, by a "fluttering" shutter that opens and closes on a well chosen sequence of time intervals. In the simulations the motion is assumed uniform, and the user can choose its velocity. Several types of flutter shutter codes are tested and evaluated: the original ones considered by the inventors, the classic motion blur, and finally several analog or numerical optimal codes proposed recently. In all cases the exact SNR of the deconvolved result is also computed.