The Polar Epipolar Rectification
François Darmon, Pascal Monasse
François Darmon, and Pascal Monasse, The Polar Epipolar Rectification, Image Processing On Line, 11 (2021), pp. 56–75.

Communicated by Luis Álvarez
Demo edited by Pascal Monasse


Epipolar rectification of a stereo pair is the process of resampling a pair of stereo images so that the apparent motion of corresponding points is horizontal. This is an important preliminary step in depth estimation, substituting depth by disparity estimation. Most methods rely on a perspective transform of both images, which has the advantage to simulate a different attitude of the pinhole cameras. A limitation is that when an epipole is inside the image domain, it has to be sent to infinity by the perspective transform, producing a strong distortion. On the contrary, relying on a polar transform centered at the epipole provides a method applicable universally to a pair of pinhole camera views. We present in detail the algorithm, filling in the information important for its implementation and missing in published articles.