IPOL Journal Volume 7 — 2017
Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
2017-01-14 · Gábor Fodor, Bruno Cornelis, Rujie Yin, Ann Dooms, Ingrid Daubechies
Robust Phase Retrieval with the Swept Approximate Message Passing (prSAMP) Algorithm
2017-01-26 · Boshra Rajaei, Sylvain Gigan, Florent Krzakala, Laurent Daudet
Implementation of Local Fourier Burst Accumulation for Video Deblurring
2017-03-19 · Jérémy Anger, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis
An Unsupervised Algorithm for Detecting Good Continuation in Dot Patterns
2017-04-24 · José Lezama, Gregory Randall, Jean-Michel Morel, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Midway Video Equalization
2017-04-24 · Javier Sánchez
A Fast Approximation of the Bilateral Filter using the Discrete Fourier Transform
2017-05-24 · Pravin Nair, Anmol Popli, Kunal N. Chaudhury
Vanishing Point Detection in Urban Scenes Using Point Alignments
2017-07-14 · José Lezama, Gregory Randall, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Realistic Film Grain Rendering
2017-07-18 · Alasdair Newson, Noura Faraj, Bruno Galerne, Julie Delon
Iterative Hough Transform for Line Detection in 3D Point Clouds
2017-07-19 · Christoph Dalitz, Tilman Schramke, Manuel Jeltsch
The Image Curvature Microscope: Accurate Curvature Computation at Subpixel Resolution
2017-07-28 · Adina Ciomaga, Pascal Monasse, Jean-Michel Morel
Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Graph Clustering Methods
2017-08-19 · Zhaoyi Meng, Ekaterina Merkurjev, Alice Koniges, Andrea L. Bertozzi
2D Filtering of Curvilinear Structures by Ranking the Orientation Responses of Path Operators (RORPO)
2017-10-01 · Odyssee Merveille, Benoît Naegel, Hugues Talbot, Laurent Najman, Nicolas Passat
An Algorithm for Gaussian Texture Inpainting
2017-10-09 · Bruno Galerne, Arthur Leclaire
Multi-Scale DCT Denoising
2017-10-29 · Nicola Pierazzo, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo
The Bilateral Filter for Point Clouds
2017-10-29 · Julie Digne, Carlo de Franchis
A Sub-Pixel Edge Detector: an Implementation of the Canny/Devernay Algorithm
2017-11-28 · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Gregory Randall
Non-Local Patch-Based Image Inpainting
2017-12-13 · Alasdair Newson, Andrés Almansa, Yann Gousseau, Patrick Pérez
Local Region Expansion: a Method for Analyzing and Refining Image Matches
2017-12-23 · Erez Farhan, Elad Meir, Rami Hagege
A Contrario 3D Point Alignment Detection Algorithm
2017-12-30 · Álvaro Gómez, Gregory Randall, Rafael Grompone von Gioi