An Analysis and Implementation of the Harris Corner Detector
Javier Sánchez, Nelson Monzón, Agustín Salgado
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Javier Sánchez, Nelson Monzón, and Agustín Salgado, An Analysis and Implementation of the Harris Corner Detector, Image Processing On Line, 8 (2018), pp. 305–328.

Communicated by Miguel Colom
Demo edited by Nelson Monzón, Javier Sánchez


In this work, we present an implementation and thorough study of the Harris corner detector. This feature detector relies on the analysis of the eigenvalues of the autocorrelation matrix. The algorithm comprises seven steps, including several measures for the classification of corners, a generic non-maximum suppression method for selecting interest points, and the possibility to obtain the corners position with subpixel accuracy. We study each step in detail and propose several alternatives for improving the precision and speed. The experiments analyze the repeatability rate of the detector using different types of transformations.