An Algorithm for 3D Curve Smoothing
Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Nelson Monzón, Luis Álvarez
Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Nelson Monzón, and Luis Álvarez, An Algorithm for 3D Curve Smoothing, Image Processing On Line, 11 (2021), pp. 37–55.

Communicated by Jean-Michel Morel
Demo edited by Nelson Monzón


In this work we present an application of curve evolution techniques to the smoothing of 3D curves. We study two types of application scenarios: in the first one, the curve is just given by an ordered set of 3D points, and in the second one, the curve represents the medial axis of a 3D volume. In this last scenario, the input of the algorithm is the 3D volume and a 3D curve representing an approximation of the volume medial axis. We propose an algorithm for 3D curve smoothing, based on a curve evolution equation which includes both scenarios. We present a variety of experiments to show the performance of the proposed technique.


Supplementary Materials

We provide example files to test the method. There are ASCII files containing the set of 3D points representing original curves and their respective 3D volume (stored as unsigned char in Analyze format). Moreover, we also include the results in order to perform further comparisons (ASCII and .obj files with the 3D models). The 3D volume is optional and any curve given by an ordered set of 3D points can be used. Files