Forensic Similarity for Source Camera Model Comparison
Marina Gardella, Pablo Musé
Marina Gardella, and Pablo Musé, Forensic Similarity for Source Camera Model Comparison, Image Processing On Line, 12 (2022), pp. 480–489.

Communicated by Jean-Michel Morel
Demo edited by Marina Gardella


In the article 'Forensic Similarity for Digital Images', O. Mayer and M. C. Stamm introduce the forensic similarity approach, which aims at determining whether two image patches contain the same forensic traces or not. The proposed method is based on a feed-forward neural network which consists of two modules: a feature extraction module using a pair of CNNs in a siamese configuration, and a three-layer neural network that maps the extracted features into a similarity score. In this article, we explore the use of the forensic similarity score for source camera model comparison, as one of the possible applications of such an approach suggested by Mayer and Stamm.