Robust Homography Estimation from Local Affine Maps
Mariano Rodríguez, Gabriele Facciolo, Jean-Michel Morel
Mariano Rodríguez, Gabriele Facciolo, and Jean-Michel Morel, Robust Homography Estimation from Local Affine Maps, Image Processing On Line, 13 (2023), pp. 65–89.

Communicated by Gregory Randall
Demo edited by Mariano Rodríguez


The corresponding point coordinates determined by classic image matching approaches define local zero-order approximations of the global mapping between two images. But the patches around keypoints typically contain more information, which may be exploited to obtain a first-order approximation of the mapping, incorporating local affine maps between corresponding keypoints. Several methods have been proposed in the literature to compute this first-order approximation. In this paper we present several modifications of the RANSAC (RANdom SAmple Consensus) algorithm, that uses affine approximations and a-contrario procedures to improve the homography estimation between a pair of images. The a-contrario methodology provides a definition of the soundness of an estimation and allows for adaptive thresholds for inlier/outlier discrimination. These approaches outperform the state-of-the-art for different choices of image descriptors and image datasets, and permit to increase the probability of success in identifying image pairs in challenging matching databases.