IPOL Journal Volume 14 — 2024
Arm-CODA: A Data Set of Upper-limb Human Movement During Routine Examination
2024-01-18 · Sylvain W. Combettes, Paul Boniol, Antoine Mazarguil, Danping Wang, Diego Vaquero-Ramos, Marion Chauveau, Laurent Oudre, Nicolas Vayatis, Pierre-Paul Vidal, Alexandra Roren, Marie-Martine Lefèvre-Colau
On the Domain Generalization Capabilities of Interactive Segmentation Methods
2024-01-19 · Franco Marchesoni-Acland, Tanguy Magne, Fayçal Rekbi, Gabriele Facciolo
Localization and Image Reconstruction in a STORM Based Super-resolution Microscope
2024-02-28 · Pranjal Choudhury, Bosanta Ranjan Boruah
Line Segment Detection: a Review of the 2022 State of the Art
2024-02-28 · Thibaud Ehret, Jean-Michel Morel
Image Forgery Detection Based on Noise Inspection: Analysis and Refinement of the Noisesniffer Method
2024-04-04 · Marina Gardella, Pablo Musé, Miguel Colom, Jean-Michel Morel
A Brief Analysis of iColoriT for Interactive Image Colorization
2024-05-22 · Rosana García, Gregory Randall, Lara Raad
A Short Analysis of BigColor for Image Colorization
2024-05-24 · Rosana García, Gregory Randall, Lara Raad
A Brief Analysis of SLAVC method for Sound Source Localization
2024-05-29 · Xavier Juanola, Gloria Haro