A Short Analysis of BigColor for Image Colorization
Rosana García, Gregory Randall, Lara Raad
Rosana García, Gregory Randall, and Lara Raad, A Short Analysis of BigColor for Image Colorization, Image Processing On Line, 14 (2024), pp. 144–158. https://doi.org/10.5201/ipol.2024.542

Communicated by Pablo Musé
Demo edited by Lara Raad and Rosana García


This work analyzes the BigColor method, a fully automatic colorization approach that aims to meet the challenge of providing realistic and vivid colorization for complex and diverse images in real-world scenarios. The method is a BigGAN-inspired encoder-generator network, using a spatial feature map, enabling single forward-pass colorization, supporting arbitrary input resolutions, and producing multimodal colorization results. We provide a short analysis of the method's results and highlight some limitations alongside its achievements.

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