Color and Contrast
DeOldify: A Review and Implementation of an Automatic Colorization Method
2022-09-05 · Antoine Salmona, Lucía Bouza, Julie Delon
Center/Surround Retinex: Analysis and Implementation
2021-12-19 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Ana-Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert
Simulated Exposure Fusion
2019-12-29 · Charles Hessel
Extended Exposure Fusion
2019-12-29 · Charles Hessel
Midway Video Equalization
2017-04-24 · Javier Sánchez
Implementation of the Midway Image Equalization
2016-06-21 · Thierry Guillemot, Julie Delon
An Algorithmic Analysis of Variational Models for Perceptual Local Contrast Enhancement
2015-07-29 · Sira Ferradans, R. Palma-Amestoy, E. Provenzi
Multiscale Retinex
2014-04-16 · Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert, Jean-Michel Morel
Screened Poisson Equation for Image Contrast Enhancement
2014-03-11 · Jean-Michel Morel, Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
Selective Contrast Adjustment by Poisson Equation
2013-09-26 · Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
Color and Contrast Enhancement by Controlled Piecewise Affine Histogram Equalization
2012-10-17 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
Simplest Color Balance
2011-10-24 · Nicolas Limare, Jose-Luis Lisani, Jean-Michel Morel, Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert
Local Color Correction
2011-09-27 · Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas, Jose Luis Lisani
Image Color Cube Dimensional Filtering and Visualization
2011-06-22 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Antoni Buades, Jean-Michel Morel
Retinex Poisson Equation: a Model for Color Perception
2011-04-05 · Nicolas Limare, Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert, Jean-Michel Morel