An Implementation of the Exposure Fusion Algorithm
Charles Hessel
Charles Hessel, An Implementation of the Exposure Fusion Algorithm, Image Processing On Line, 8 (2018), pp. 369–387.

Communicated by Jose-Luis Lisani
Demo edited by Charles Hessel


Exposure Fusion is a high dynamic range imaging technique to fuse a bracketed exposure sequence into a high quality image, introduced in 2009 by Mertens et al. Contrarily to most HDR imaging methods, exposure fusion does not construct an intermediate HDR image but directly constructs the final LDR one by seamlessly fusing the best regions of the input sequence, using the Laplacian pyramid. Since its publication, this method received considerable attention, being both effective and efficient. We propose in this paper a precise description of the method and an analysis of its main limitation, an out-of-range artifact.