Dehazing with Dark Channel Prior: Analysis and Implementation
Jose-Luis Lisani, Charles Hessel
Jose-Luis Lisani, and Charles Hessel, Dehazing with Dark Channel Prior: Analysis and Implementation, Image Processing On Line, 14 (2024), pp. 173–193.

Communicated by Gregory Randall
Demo edited by Jose-Luis Lisani


In outdoor scenes, atmospheric absortion and scattering attenuate the radiance received by the camera and may produce haze. In 2009 He et al. proposed a simple but effective dehazing algorithm based on a hypothesis called the 'dark channel prior' (DCP). Based on this prior several other dehazing methods have been published in recent years. In this paper we review the original algorithm by He et al, together with some posterior improvements proposed by the same and other authors. We also analyze the effect of the parameters on the results and we study a variant of the method proposed by Drews et al. for the analysis of haze in underwater images.