Directional Filters for Cartoon + Texture Image Decomposition
Antoni Buades, Jose-Luis Lisani
Antoni Buades, and Jose-Luis Lisani, Directional Filters for Cartoon + Texture Image Decomposition, Image Processing On Line, 6 (2016), pp. 75–88.

Communicated by Pablo Musé
Demo edited by Jose-Luis Lisani


We present in this article a detailed analysis and implementation of the cartoon+texture decomposition algorithm proposed in [A. Buades, J.L. Lisani, 'Directional filters for color cartoon + texture image and video decomposition', Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2015]. This method follows the approach proposed by [A. Buades, T. Le, J-M. Morel, L. Vese, 'Cartoon+Texture Image Decomposition', IPOL 2011], based on low/high-pass filtering, but replaces the isotropic filters by a bank of low-pass directional filters. The cartoon image is obtained by filtering in the direction that leads to the largest local total variation rate reduction. This permits to improve the performance of the decomposition near image discontinuities, where an halo effect was produced by the previous method.