IPOL Journal Volume 13 — 2023
Progressive Compression of Triangle Meshes
2023-01-04 · Vincent Vidal, Lucas Dubouchet, Guillaume Lavoué, Pierre Alliez
Binary Shape Vectorization by Affine Scale-space
2023-01-17 · Yuchen He, Sung Ha Kang, Jean-Michel Morel
Incidence of the Sample Size Distribution on One-Shot Federated Learning
2023-02-12 · Marie Garin, Gonzalo Iñaki Quintana
Robust Homography Estimation from Local Affine Maps
2023-03-21 · Mariano Rodríguez, Gabriele Facciolo, Jean-Michel Morel
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction with Total Variation Regularization
2023-03-21 · Rémy Abergel, Mehdi Boussâa, Sylvain Durand, Yves-Michel Frapart
An Analysis of Multi-stage Progressive Image Restoration Network (MPRNet)
2023-05-03 · Boshra Rajaei, Sara Rajaei, Hossein Damavandi
A Two-stage Signal Decomposition into Jump, Oscillation and Trend using ADMM
2023-05-21 · Martin Huska, Antonio Cicone, Sung Ha Kang, Serena Morigi
A Data Set for Fall Detection with Smart Floor Sensors
2023-06-28 · Charles Truong, Mounir Atiq, Ludovic Minvielle, Renan Serra, Mathilde Mougeot, Nicolas Vayatis
Implementing Handheld Burst Super-Resolution
2023-07-16 · Jamy Lafenetre, Gabriele Facciolo, Thomas Eboli
OpenCCO: An Implementation of Constrained Constructive Optimization for Generating 2D and 3D Vascular Trees
2023-11-01 · Bertrand Kerautret, Phuc Ngo, Nicolas Passat, Hugues Talbot, Clara Jaquet
A Signal-dependent Video Noise Estimator Via Inter-frame Signal Suppression
2023-11-09 · Yanhao Li, Marina Gardella, Quentin Bammey, Tina Nikoukhah, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Miguel Colom, Jean-Michel Morel
A Reference Data Set for the Study of Healthy Subject Gait with Inertial Measurements Units
2023-12-08 · Cyril Voisard, Nicolas de l’Escalopier, Albane Moreau, Alienor Vienne-Jumeau, Damien Ricard, Laurent Oudre