Satellite Imaging
A Generic Bundle Adjustment Methodology for Indirect RPC Model Refinement of Satellite Imagery
2021-11-13 · Roger Marí, Carlo de Franchis, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Jérémy Anger, Gabriele Facciolo
Ground Visibility in Satellite Optical Time Series Based on A Contrario Local Image Matching
2021-07-26 · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Charles Hessel, Tristan Dagobert, Jean-Michel Morel, Carlo de Franchis
Cloud Detection by Luminance and Inter-band Parallax Analysis for Pushbroom Satellite Imagers
2020-11-21 · Tristan Dagobert, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Carlo de Franchis, Jean-Michel Morel, Charles Hessel
Attitude Refinement for Orbiting Pushbroom Cameras: a Simple Polynomial Fitting Method
2015-12-26 · Carlo de Franchis, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Daniel Greslou, Gabriele Facciolo
Single Date Wind Turbine Detection on Sentinel-2 Optical Images
PREPRINT · Nicolas Mandroux, Tristan Dagobert, Sébastien Drouyer, Rafael Grompone von Gioi