IPOL Journal Volume 12 — 2022
CNN-based Method for Segmenting Tree Bark Surface Singularites
2022-01-01 · Florian Delconte, Phuc Ngo, Bertrand Kerautret, Isabelle Debled-Rennesson, Van-Tho Nguyen, Thiery Constant
Automatic RANSAC by Likelihood Maximization
2022-03-28 · Clément Riu, Vincent Nozick, Pascal Monasse
A Parallel, O(n) Algorithm for an Unbiased, Thin Watershed
2022-04-08 · Théodore Chabardès, Petr Dokládal, Matthieu Faessel, Michel Bilodeau
Bilateral K-Means for Superpixel Computation (the SLIC Method)
2022-04-21 · Robin Gay, Jérémie Lecoutre, Nicolas Menouret, Arthur Morillon, Pascal Monasse
Constrained and Unconstrained Inverse Potts Modelling for Joint Image Super-Resolution and Segmentation
2022-04-23 · Dario Mylonopoulos, Pasquale Cascarano, Luca Calatroni, Elena Loli Piccolomini
Adaptive Anisotropic Morphological Filtering Based on Co-Circularity of Local Orientations
2022-04-25 · Samy Blusseau, Santiago Velasco-Forero, Jesús Angulo, Isabelle Bloch
A Reliable JPEG Quantization Table Estimator
2022-05-24 · Tina Nikoukhah, Miguel Colom, Jean-Michel Morel, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Single Date Wind Turbine Detection on Sentinel-2 Optical Images
2022-07-06 · Nicolas Mandroux, Tristan Dagobert, Sébastien Drouyer, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
DeOldify: A Review and Implementation of an Automatic Colorization Method
2022-09-05 · Antoine Salmona, Lucía Bouza, Julie Delon
A Brief Analysis of the Holistically-Nested Edge Detector
2022-10-03 · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Gregory Randall
Phase Unwrapping using a Joint CNN and SQD-LSTM Network
2022-10-07 · Roland Akiki, Carlo de Franchis, Gabriele Facciolo, Jean-Michel Morel, Raphaël Grandin
A Brief Analysis of the Dense Extreme Inception Network for Edge Detection
2022-10-10 · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Gregory Randall
Breaking down Polyblur: Fast Blind Correction of Small Anisotropic Blurs
2022-10-18 · Thomas Eboli, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo
Forensic Similarity for Source Camera Model Comparison
2022-11-06 · Marina Gardella, Pablo Musé
Image Forgery Detection via Forensic Similarity Graphs
2022-11-07 · Marina Gardella, Pablo Musé
Disparity Estimation Networks for Aerial and High-Resolution Satellite Images: A Review
2022-11-14 · Roger Marí, Thibaud Ehret, Gabriele Facciolo
Reviewing ViBe, a Popular Background Subtraction Algorithm for Real-Time Applications
2022-11-23 · Xavier Bou, Thibaud Ehret, Gabriele Facciolo, Jean-Michel Morel, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Ant Colony Optimization for Estimating Pith Position on Images of Tree Log Ends
2022-12-11 · Rémi Decelle, Phuc Ngo, Isabelle Debled-Rennesson, Frédéric Mothe, Fleur Longuetaud
CAEclust: A Consensus of Autoencoders Representations for Clustering
2022-12-20 · Séverine Affeldt, Lazhar Labiod, Mohamed Nadif
Detection and Interpretation of Change in Registered Satellite Image Time Series
2022-12-28 · Tristan Dagobert, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Carlo de Franchis, Charles Hessel