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Volume 1 — 2011

Algebraic Lens Distortion Model Estimation
2010-07-28 · Luis Alvarez, Luis Gomez, J. Rafael Sendra
ASIFT: An Algorithm for Fully Affine Invariant Comparison
2011-02-24 · Guoshen Yu, Jean-Michel Morel
Retinex Poisson Equation: a Model for Color Perception
2011-04-05 · Nicolas Limare, Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert, Jean-Michel Morel
Self-similarity Driven Demosaicking
2011-06-01 · Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll, Jean-Michel Morel, Catalina Sbert
Image Color Cube Dimensional Filtering and Visualization
2011-06-22 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Antoni Buades, Jean-Michel Morel
Image Interpolation with Contour Stencils
2011-08-01 · Pascal Getreuer
Malvar-He-Cutler Linear Image Demosaicking
2011-08-14 · Pascal Getreuer
Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking
2011-09-01 · Pascal Getreuer
Finite Difference Schemes for MCM and AMSS
2011-09-13 · Marco Mondelli, Adina Ciomaga
Quasi-Euclidean Epipolar Rectification
2011-09-13 · Pascal Monasse
Cartoon+Texture Image Decomposition
2011-09-13 · Antoni Buades, Triet Le, Jean-Michel Morel, Luminita Vese
Non-Local Means Denoising
2011-09-13 · Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll, Jean-Michel Morel
Micro-Texture Synthesis by Phase Randomization
2011-09-23 · Bruno Galerne, Yann Gousseau, Jean-Michel Morel
Linear Methods for Image Interpolation
2011-09-27 · Pascal Getreuer
Local Color Correction
2011-09-27 · Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas, Jose Luis Lisani
Farman Institute 3D Point Sets - High Precision 3D Data Sets
2011-09-27 · Julie Digne, Nicolas Audfray, Claire Lartigue, Charyar Mehdi-Souzani, Jean-Michel Morel
Simplest Color Balance
2011-10-24 · Nicolas Limare, Jose-Luis Lisani, Jean-Michel Morel, Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert

Volume 2 — 2012

Non-parametric Sub-pixel Local Point Spread Function Estimation
2012-03-23 · Mauricio Delbracio, Pablo Musé, Andrés Almansa
A Real Time Morphological Snakes Algorithm
2012-03-23 · Luis Alvarez, Luis Baumela, Pablo Márquez-Neila, Pedro Henríquez
LSD: a Line Segment Detector
2012-03-24 · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Jérémie Jakubowicz, Jean-Michel Morel, Gregory Randall
Image Demosaicking with Contour Stencils
2012-03-24 · Pascal Getreuer
Non-uniformity Correction of Infrared Images by Midway Equalization
2012-07-12 · Yohann Tendero, Stéphane Landeau, Jérôme Gilles
Total Variation Inpainting using Split Bregman
2012-07-30 · Pascal Getreuer
Chan-Vese Segmentation
2012-08-08 · Pascal Getreuer
Color and Contrast Enhancement by Controlled Piecewise Affine Histogram Equalization
2012-10-17 · Jose-Luis Lisani, Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
The Flutter Shutter Camera Simulator
2012-10-17 · Yohann Tendero

Volume 3 — 2013

Implementation of the "Non-Local Bayes" (NL-Bayes) Image Denoising Algorithm
2013-06-17 · Marc Lebrun, Antoni Buades, Jean-Michel Morel
Combined First and Second Order Total Variation Inpainting using Split Bregman
2013-07-12 · Konstantinos Papafitsoros, Carola Bibiane Schoenlieb, Bati Sengul
Horn-Schunck Optical Flow with a Multi-Scale Strategy
2013-07-19 · Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Javier Sánchez Pérez, Daniel Kondermann
Mao-Gilles Stabilization Algorithm
2013-07-19 · Jérôme Gilles
TV-L1 Optical Flow Estimation
2013-07-19 · Javier Sánchez Pérez, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Gabriele Facciolo
Selective Contrast Adjustment by Poisson Equation
2013-09-26 · Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
Recovering the Subpixel PSF from Two Photographs at Different Distances
2013-10-23 · Mauricio Delbracio, Andrés Almansa, Pablo Musé
Exemplar-based Texture Synthesis: the Efros-Leung Algorithm
2013-10-23 · Cecilia Aguerrebere, Yann Gousseau, Guillaume Tartavel
Robust Optical Flow Estimation
2013-10-28 · Javier Sánchez Pérez, Nelson Monzón López, Agustín Salgado de la Nuez
E-PLE: an Algorithm for Image Inpainting
2013-12-04 · Yi-Qing Wang
Chambolle's Projection Algorithm for Total Variation Denoising
2013-12-17 · Joan Duran, Bartomeu Coll, Catalina Sbert
A Survey of Gaussian Convolution Algorithms
2013-12-17 · Pascal Getreuer

Volume 4 — 2014

Implementation of Nonlocal Pansharpening Image Fusion
2014-02-28 · Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll, Joan Duran, Catalina Sbert
Screened Poisson Equation for Image Contrast Enhancement
2014-03-11 · Jean-Michel Morel, Ana-Belen Petro, Catalina Sbert
Extraction of Connected Region Boundary in Multidimensional Images
2014-03-26 · David Coeurjolly, Bertrand Kerautret, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
Multiscale Retinex
2014-04-16 · Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert, Jean-Michel Morel
Interactive Segmentation Based on Component-trees
2014-05-05 · Benoît Naegel, Nicolas Passat
Digital Level Layers for Digital Curve Decomposition and Vectorization
2014-07-30 · Laurent Provot, Yan Gerard, Fabien Feschet
Implementation of the Centroid Method for the Correction of Turbulence
2014-07-31 · Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Mario Micheli
A Streaming Distance Transform Algorithm for Neighborhood-Sequence Distances
2014-09-01 · Nicolas Normand, Robin Strand, Pierre Evenou, Aurore Arlicot
Kolmogorov and Zabih’s Graph Cuts Stereo Matching Algorithm
2014-10-15 · Vladimir Kolmogorov, Pascal Monasse, Pauline Tan
Stereo Disparity through Cost Aggregation with Guided Filter
2014-10-23 · Pauline Tan, Pascal Monasse
The Heeger & Bergen Pyramid Based Texture Synthesis Algorithm
2014-11-17 · Thibaud Briand, Jonathan Vacher, Bruno Galerne, Julien Rabin
Automatic Lens Distortion Correction Using One-Parameter Division Models
2014-11-20 · Miguel Alemán-Flores, Luis Alvarez, Luis Gomez, Daniel Santana-Cedrés
Integral Images for Block Matching
2014-12-16 · Gabriele Facciolo, Nicolas Limare, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis
Anatomy of the SIFT Method
2014-12-22 · Ives Rey Otero, Mauricio Delbracio

Volume 5 — 2015

The Noise Clinic: a Blind Image Denoising Algorithm
2015-01-28 · Marc Lebrun, Miguel Colom, Jean-Michel Morel
Accelerating Monte Carlo Renderers by Ray Histogram Fusion
2015-03-11 · Mauricio Delbracio, Pablo Musé, Antoni Buades, Jean-Michel Morel
Bilaterally Weighted Patches for Disparity Map Computation
2015-03-11 · Laura Fernández Julià, Pascal Monasse
A Review of Classic Edge Detectors
2015-06-07 · Haldo Spontón, Juan Cardelino
An Implementation of Combined Local-Global Optical Flow
2015-06-25 · Jorge Jara-Wilde, Mauricio Cerda, José Delpiano, Steffen Härtel
Obtaining High Quality Photographs of Paintings by Image Fusion
2015-06-27 · Antoni Buades, Gloria Haro, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis
An Analysis of the SURF Method
2015-07-20 · Edouard Oyallon, Julien Rabin
An Algorithmic Analysis of Variational Models for Perceptual Local Contrast Enhancement
2015-07-29 · Sira Ferradans, R. Palma-Amestoy, E. Provenzi
The Flutter Shutter Code Calculator
2015-08-19 · Yohann Tendero
An Unsupervised Point Alignment Detection Algorithm
2015-12-15 · José Lezama, Gregory Randall, Jean-Michel Morel, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Attitude Refinement for Orbiting Pushbroom Cameras: a Simple Polynomial Fitting Method
2015-12-26 · Carlo de Franchis, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Daniel Greslou, Gabriele Facciolo
Variational Framework for Non-Local Inpainting
2015-12-26 · Vadim Fedorov, Gabriele Facciolo, Pablo Arias

Volume 6 — 2016

Computing an Exact Gaussian Scale-Space
2016-02-02 · Ives Rey Otero, Mauricio Delbracio
On the Implementation of Collaborative TV Regularization: Application to Cartoon+Texture Decomposition
2016-04-20 · Joan Duran, Michael Moeller, Catalina Sbert, Daniel Cremers
Directional Filters for Cartoon + Texture Image Decomposition
2016-05-05 · Antoni Buades, Jose-Luis Lisani
Fundamental Matrix of a Stereo Pair, with A Contrario Elimination of Outliers
2016-05-17 · Lionel Moisan, Pierre Moulon, Pascal Monasse


Robust Discontinuity Preserving Optical Flow Methods
PREPRINT · Nelson Monzón, Agustín Salgado, Javier Sánchez
Unsupervised Smooth Contour Detection
PREPRINT · Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Gregory Randall
Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
PREPRINT · Gábor Fodor, Bruno Cornelis, Rujie Yin, Ann Dooms, Ingrid Daubechies
Poisson Image Editing
PREPRINT · J. Matías Di Martino, Gabriele Facciolo, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis
A C++ Implementation of Otsu’s Image Segmentation Method
PREPRINT · Juan Pablo Balarini, Sergio Nesmachnow
Vanishing Point Detection in Urban Scenes Using Point Alignments
PREPRINT · José Lezama, Gregory Randall, Rafael Grompone von Gioi
Geometric Expansion for Local Feature Analysis and Matching
PREPRINT · Erez Farhan, Elad Meir, Rami Hagege
Midway Image Equalization
PREPRINT · Thierry Guillemot, Julie Delon
An Iterative Optimization Algorithm for Lens Distortion Correction Using Two-Parameter Models
PREPRINT · Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Luis Gómez, Miguel Alemán-Flores, Agustín Salgado, Julio Esclarín, Luis Mazorra, Luis Álvarez
Joint TV-L1 Optical Flow and Occlusion Estimation
PREPRINT · Juan Francisco Garamendi Bragado, Coloma Ballester, Lluís Garrido, Vanel Lazcano, Vicent Caselles
Study of the Principal Component Analysis Method for the Correction of Images Degraded by Turbulence
PREPRINT · Tristan Dagobert, Yohann Tendero, Stéphane Landeau
Image Curvature Microscope
PREPRINT · Adina Ciomaga, Lionel Moisan, Pascal Monasse, Jean-Michel Morel

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